AELS Public Site

The Arkansas Educator Licensure System Public Site allows public access to educator licensure data. Educator licensure data may be searched for any Arkansas-licensed educator by entering known public information, such as the educator’s last name and first name. The public view shows applicant information, professional license effective and expiration dates, background check information and licensure areas. Confidential data is restricted from the public view.

AELS Educator Profile / Online Application

The AELS Educator Profile/Online Application Site allows licensed educators to update their contact information, including email, phone number and mailing address. Educators may login to fill out and submit online applications, to view their license, license activity and all information accessible through the public view.

Apply for Certified Teaching Assistant (CTA)

Apply to become a Certified Teaching Assistant. Use this link only if you have never applied before. If you have a license or have had a background check, use the Educator Portal to apply.

Apply for Arkansas Professional Educator Pathway (ArPEP)

Apply for the Arkansas Professional Educator Pathway (ArPEP). Use this link only if you have never applied before. If you have a license or have had a background check, use the Educator Portal to apply.

Expiring Educator Licenses

This Expiring Educator Licenses website allows approved district administrators to view educators in their district with a license expiring soon. A district local education agency (LEA) number must be present in educator’s records in order to be displayed online in the Expiring Educator Licenses website.

Background Check Consent Form

Arkansas Department of Education Background Check Consent Form and Fingerprinting Request for Teachers, Substitute Teachers, Classified Employment, Fiscal Officer Employment, License Renewal or Transfer, and Pre-Service Teachers.

Office of Educator Licensure
Arkansas Department of Education
Four Capitol Mall, Room 106B
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone (501) 682-4342   Fax (501) 682-4898

Related Systems

Course Code Management System

The Course Code Management System (CCMS) may be used to verify course codes are entered on student and master course schedules in accordance with the ADE’s published course code guidelines. The CCMS also contains the licensure codes required to teach a course at certain grade levels. The CCMS may be printed online or exported into a spreadsheet.

Job Code Management System

The Job Code Management System (JCMS) lists both certified and class job codes, job titles, required licensure codes and applicable student grade ranges for a the licensure code. The JCMS data may be printed online are exported into a spreadsheet.

Professional Licensure Description

The Professional Licensure Description tool provides a list of active and in-active licensure code by description with Grade Low and Grade high details.

ADE Data Center

The ADE Data Center is a collection of data tools and reports for educators, parents, and anyone interested in official data from the Arkansas Department of Education.